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In Japan, examples of promotional activities that utilize YouTubers have expanded beyond product reviews, extending to a diverse range of online and offline activities from store visits and event participation to campaign tie-ups. The presence of YouTubers that come across as accessible to anyone has amassed a great deal of influence.
UUUM leads YouTube-centric influencer marketing as the first YouTuber platformers in the video business, and offers creative promotion plans that utilize the sensibilities of YouTubers possessing exceptional reach and unifying force.

UUUM regards everything as content,
including events, merchandise and games.

UUUM also provides wide-ranging content creation services. In addition to the joint operation of the “BonBonTV” channel and the production of original shows like “Video Pizza” run in collaboration with Jukin Media, Inc., these services include the development of games with a strong affinity for gameplay videos commentary, the sale of original merchandise and the holding of offline events featuring appearances by UUUM creators.

UUUM Influencer Marketing

UUUM services are focused on
creating content across any medium

  • Development of Promotion Plans

    Development of Promotion Plans

    We come up with YouTuber-focused promotion plans designed to boost recognition of your products and services.

  • Media Planning Services

    Media Planning Services

    UUUM provides unique media planning services that make use of TrueView video ads and the Google Display Network.

  • Video Marketing Consulting

    Video Marketing Consulting

    We leverage the knowledge we have amassed on YouTube to produce video content best suited to your company’s brand.

Bringing a childlike spirit to world

(Sekai ni kodomogokoro wo)

This is UUUM’s corporate philosophy, and embodies our desire to create unprecedented enjoyment through ideas that embrace a childlike spirit and bring new experiences to people.
On a daily basis, we take on the challenge of delivering new experiences to the largest audience possible by leading a new era of entertainment, where content accepted by like-minded fans is created as an extension of what our creators and employees like and enjoy in the video domain and beyond.

President & CEO: Kazuki Kamada

GLOBAL ALLIANCEYour bridge between Japan and the world

The Japanese market is a special one, and the language is only one of the reasons why.
As the pioneers of our field in Japan, we have the know-how, connections and experience to connect your network, clients or creators to this fascinating and huge market full of potential.
Our global alliance team would love to talk to you – and if you happen to come to Tokyo, they might even show you some spots you won’t find in any travel guide.

  • Company Name
  • Established
    June 2013
  • Capital
    709 million yen
  • President
    Kazuki Kamada
  • Number of Employees
  • Location
    28th Fl. Midtown Tower, 9-7-1, Akasaka,Minato-ku,Tokyo 107-6228 Japan
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