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Kitano Uchishi

Kitano Uchishi

Wotagei dance group from Hokkaido, Japan.

Their rise to fame started with a Wotagei style dance performance of "Your Name"'s theme song, which was recognized by the director of the movie and became their most popular video.

The two leading members of the group are Feruto and Haru-kun, who also vlog regularly on the channel. Nobu, who is also a member of the group, is responsible for editing and graduated from a digital arts school in Tokyo.

Additional info about Wotagei:
Wotagei refers to a specific type of dancing and cheering gestures performed by fans of Japanese idol singers or anime fans, involving jumping, clapping, arm-waving and chanting slogans. Wotagei is usually mainly performed at concerts or anime and manga conventions, as well as fan meetings of idol fan groups, and it is thought to have developed from the ōendan, organised cheering squads common at sporting events in Japan.
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