UUUM signs with Japanese YouTube legends Tokai OnAir and Kyouichiro


We are proud to announce that popular YouTuber unit Tokai OnAir (東海オンエア) and Japanese internet celebrity Kyouichiro (恭一郎) have joined the large family of UUUM creators.




While Tokai OnAir (check out their YouTube channel) are among the 10 biggest YouTube channels in Japan with their 2.4 million subscribers, Kyouichiro is a legend in the Japanese internet space and became a YouTube creator in 2013, long before YouTubers became a “thing” in Japan.

The signing was announced during the final stage show of U-FES. 2017, Japan’s largest annual YouTuber event and instantly became a trending topic on Twitter.

Please check out the digest video of U-FES. 2017 including performances by these amazing new creators.



For brands or individuals interested in working with our awesome creators, feel free to contact us directly or check out more information and stats on BUUUM, our influencer casting platform (BUUUM is currently available in Japanese only).


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