【Event Report】Japan’s largest YouTuber event “U-FES. 2017” held in Yokohama with 12,000 fans


“U-FES. 2017”, Japan’s biggest YouTuber offline event, was held on November 18th 2017 at Pacifico Yokohama. In it’s third year, the U-FES. event has evolved from a one-time show in 2015 and a six city tour in 2016 to it’s biggest scale event so far, with two separate events called “Red Stage” and “Rainbow Area” held at the same time and over 12,000 attending fans.

Featuring a variety of live shows, music performances and other events the “Red Stage” was the highlight of the U-FES. 2017, while fans could meet&greet their favorite YouTubers in the “Rainbow Area” and enjoy a variety of talk events, games and activities (and of course the merch booth!). 

UUU-1​​ Battle!

For the first time, YouTubers competed against each other in a video creation competition called “UUU-1 Battle!” for the prize of 10,000,000 JPY (about 88,000 USD) and winners were chosen by the audience, a board of fellow YouTubers and three exclusive judges, including Japan’s No.1 YouTube creator HIKAKIN.

The big winners were Hajime and Risa Sekine, who will both use the prize money to create new content for their channels.


The main highlight and final of each U-FES. since the beginning of the event in 2015 is the UUUM SUPERLIVE, a concert featuring Japan’s top YouTubers performing their songs.

Charisma Brothers performing their song “T.M.G.”

A special collaboration unit formed by YouTubers such as Tamatube and Kitano Uchishi especially for the U-FES. 2017

Avntis performing their new single for the first time ever

Japan’s most watched YouTube channel Fischer’s perform their latest song “Niji”

HIKAKIN and SEIKIN performing “Zassou” – their newest song which recently became No.1 on iTunes in Japan

©UUUM/TOKYO MX 写真:大坪尚人(講談社)
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