UUUM Network exceeds 5,000 connected channels


UUUM’s creator network, which was founded in November 2013 with creators such as HIKAKIN and Asahi Sasaki, has reached 5,000 connected channels on Monday, December 4th 2017.

As part of the UUUM network, a second layer of creators next to over 200 exclusive top YouTubers, channels such as Mizutamari Bond, Charisma Brothers or Saaya have grown from small channels with 100 subscribers to Japan’s most watched beauty channel (Saaya) or Japan’s biggest baseball YouTuber (Qoonin).

To further help young and aspiring creators to grow and reach their goals, UUUM has launched the UUUM Academy program in August 2017, helping creators to turn their passion into a business with specific courses and workshops held at UUUM’s company-owned studio space RUUUM.

participants of the UUUM Academy program in October 2017

Other than YouTube related workshops, the UUUM Academy also offers acting classes or sessions on copyright and compliance

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