Impact Survey of YouTuber Tie-Up Campaigns on Consumer Behavior in Japan


With over 150 influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube each month, UUUM is the pioneer of branded content in Japan. In order to visualize the impact of YouTuber tie-up promotions on consumer product awareness, interest, and intent to purchase we have conducted a study with 1,195 participants, asking them about their opinion, reaction and feelings.
You can find a download link including all case studies and data free to use at the end of the article.
Scale of Survey: Japanese persons aged 12~39 (M/F)
Effective Respondents: 1,195
Method of Survey: Online questionnaire
Period of Survey: November 2017
Through the results of this survey, it can be concluded that YouTuber promotions engender measurable uplift in product awareness, interest, favorable perception, and intent to purchase when used in marketing campaigns. Please refer to the below for detailed results.
For the purpose of building awareness, the “KiiiN” promotion was effective in increasing in-market recognition for the newly launched application.
“KiiiN” (UUUM’s app)

As the above indicates, awareness increased post-launch.
In addition to the primary game mechanic of collecting bars of gold, the promotion also prompted recognition of lifestyle features such as calorie expenditure tracking.
The following videos also reveal increases in consumer awareness for campaigns.

Cebu Pacific Air; “Cebu and Boracay Islands Tourism”

General awareness of Boracay was greatly improved, driven by firsthand highlights of key tourism points at both Boracay and Cebu Islands.
The following additional cases reveal specific efforts to engender interest.

Pierre Fabre Japon Co., Ltd.; “Avene Water”

Interest was greatly improved vis-à-vis the product specialty of being applicable over makeup. A significant uptick in awareness for the key product point of no unnatural additives was also realized for video viewers compared to non-video viewers.

City of Iki; “Iki Island Tourism”

Comparing viewers to non-viewers, one can see that interest in sightseeing spots have definitively increased, particularly toward Kojima Shrine, which can be considered particularly stimulating to the interests of the creator’s audience.
The following case study reveals specific engendering of product understanding.

Symantec Corporation; “Norton Wi-Fi Privacy Protection”

From the above we can see how this video promotion increased awareness and understanding of the product, particularly with regards to elements shown through first-hand use of the product by the creator.
Additionally, the promotion campaign over the new line of Hatchimal toys from TOMY COMPANY, LTD. also helped engender intent to purchase by deepening understanding of key differentiating features, particularly between the new product line and the previous version, engaging users with visual displays of these new elements and the fun inherent therein.

TOMY COMPANY, LTD.; Hatchimals (new line)

By engaging HIMAWARI Channel, awareness was increased for the new line of Hatchimal toys. In addition to other differentiating points between the new line and the previous one, the “twins” feature had particular impact with regards to intent to purchase.
Finally, Human Forum, Inc. and the collaboration between their brand “SPINNS” and popular creator Sushi Ramen Riku increased the number of positive contact points for the product, establishing from heightened awareness strong intent to use/purchase.

Human Forum, Inc. “SPINNS”

The tie-up contributed to a strengthened connection between the brand and the fans of the talent, inspiring demand as a proxy consumption of information related to the talent himself.

As the above information shows, the influencer marketing campaigns produced by YouTube creators lead to measurable uplifts in awareness, interest, favorable perception, and intent to purchase for the marketing campaigns in which they are engaged.
Above all, UUUM continues to lead the way in producing content that is as beneficial to advertisers as it is fun and entertaining to fans.
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