UUUM head of global speaking at Taipei Game Show


On January 25th, UUUM’s head of global strategy Rene Paulesich held the opening keynote speech to 2018’s Asia Pacific Game Summit, held simultaneously to Taipei Game Show 2018 at the Taipei World Trade Center.

As Japan’s leading network of YouTube creators and influencer marketing agency, UUUM also has a game development branch which released hit mobile titles such as “Ao-Oni 2” or “You to Koisuru 90 kan” in Japan.
Illustrating the relationship and synergy between YouTube creators and games and highlighting the marketing potential of working with content creators for game developers or publishers, Paulesich also shared his past experience as a game producer in Japan, during which he created one of the first influencer marketing campaigns with YouTubers in the country as well as the first ever IP collaboration of YouTubers and game publishers through his game “Charisou”.

The presentation materials used during the keynote can be downloaded using the link below: https://goo.gl/vRQaG2
Other speakers at the event included Gravity’s COO Yoshinori Kitamura, BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT’s head of business development for Asia Paul Chen or Cody Chen, publishing and esports director at Riot Games.
For more information regarding Asia Pacific Game Summit 2018, please refer to the event’s official website.

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