Notification of Comprehensive License Extension for Nintendo Content Videos


UUUM Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan (UUUM) announced today that they have reached an agreement extending the comprehensive license for the use of Nintendo content in creator videos.


In accordance with the official “Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms,” any private individual may from today use Nintendo material for created content, including but not limited to YouTube videos, so long as the referenced guidelines are followed. Full details on this can be found here:


While the new guidelines extend to neither organizations nor incorporated persons at present, UUUM has possessed since May of 2017 a comprehensive license of permission extending to all official UUUM creators. This comprehensive license has been extended between both parties, making UUUM still the only MCN qualified under such an agreement.


As a game is not only enjoyable as content but also plays an important role in cultivating the happiness of the entertainment experience, UUUM, together with creators, desires to continuously devote itself to the development of the game market; and sees this as an important step to strengthening relationships with the game industry as a whole.

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