the Top 10 most popular videos for 2018 in Japan was announced, all of which were produced by UUUM creators!


December 12, 2018 – During the course of celebrations for the 2018 YouTube FanFest, YouTube Japan announced the Top 10 most popular videos for the year, all of which were produced by UUUM creators.  


From renowned heavyweights like Fischer’s and HIKAKIN to UUUM’s own self-produced channel BonBonTV, UUUM talent continues to lead the way!

A translated list of the Top 10 videos’ titles are as follows:

1. Fischer’s 【No-English Bowling Challenge】

2.Hikakin TV【I spent two days making a glittering ball of aluminum foil and a hammer】

3. Fischer’s 【No laughing please! – Silk 8 years ago(Fischer’s Leader)】

4.Hikakin TV 【Hikakin has a new family! Beginning my life with a baby kitten】

5.Fischer’s【(No Water)I ate so many soy flour sticks I couldn’t speak】



6.Hikakin TV【(Super Big! )More making a glittering ball made of aluminum foil and hammer】

7.BomBomTV【MV】【BomBom`s Dream(BomBom TV Theme Song)】

8.MIZUTAMARI BOND 【If your partner get arrested……】

9.Fischer’s 【Imitation show 100 changes】

10.Hikakin TV【Super premium strawberry (1 capsule 400 円)】

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