UUUM Tournament RIKUNABI NEXT CUP in Okinawa (2019/3/1-3/3)


UUUM will host its first Golf Tournament in Japan.  The event will be attended by women’s professional golfers, entertainers, young golfers, regular entrants, and popular Japanese video creators.

Unlike a traditional golf tournament program, it will take the form of a three-day large-scale competition in which all participants can enjoy themselves.

Famous professional golf players gathered in Okinawa before starting the League Tour. They were provided with measuring devices to showcase their swings, and for measuring the ballistics in the golf driving range of Okinawa, which would help the players to adjust themselves to the best situation.  The Cup is also regarded as a “heatup match” before the League Tour.



In addition, there will also be also a welcome banquet, featuring live performances by UUUM Creators during the competition. It is a large-scale comprehensive entertainment-style event, with the aim of attract more people to participate in golf.


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UUUM Golf channel aims to convey the fun of golf and attract new fans to the sport.


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In the future, UUUM will continue to make contents to convey the fun of golf through the UUUM GOLF channel, its contribution to the revitalization of the golf market.

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