UUUM Will Participate in the “Minecraft Cup 2019 National Convention”


UUUM Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuki Kamada, hereinafter, UUUM) will participate in the “Minecraft Cup 2019 National Convention” (hereinafter “Minecraft Cup”), with UUUM exclusive creator Kazu participating as a judge. In addition, we would like to announce that it has been decided that the company’s president, Kazuki Kamata, will cooperate as an advisor.

Children with “imagination”, “cooperativeness”, learn programming experience and digital manufacturing through using “Minecraft: Educational Edition”, which is an educational version of Minecraft used in classrooms around the world. We agree with the philosophy of the “Minecraft Cup” by helping children to acquire programming skills and creating opportunities to learn the process of finding and solving problems, through mediums such as video games and vieo contents, etc.

In addition, a video that explains the “Minecraft Cup” in an easy-to-understand manner has been released on the UUUM official channel.

UUUM will continue to work on creating entertaining content and creating opportunities that allow more children to learn.

About “Minecraft” and “Minecraft: Educational Edition”

“Minecraft” is an open world game that can create a world in 3D space. By combining cubic blocks, you can freely create buildings and cityscapes.

“Minecraft: Educational Edition” is an educational version of Minecraft that adds the class support function and programming function to Minecraft. This game fosters children’s creativity. In the process of thinking about the design of a building, or devising mechanisms such as lighting and automatic doors, an inquiring mind is born. And, by using programming functions while repeating trial and error, you can also study programming thinking. In addition, by forming a team with friends and working while discussing, you can achieve collaboration. In the process of communicating with friends in order to realize issues (themes), problem-solving skills naturally increase. And above all, the most important thing is that there is an innate attractive quality causing children to freely wander about. By simply providing a place called “Education Version Minecraft”, children go to the theme voluntarily while exploring, trying and discussing, and deepening their learning.

The “Minecraft Cup” participants will all receive a “Minecraft: Educational Edition” license free of charge during the tournament period.

About the “Minecraft Cup 2019 National Convention”
※ Please refer to the official site of the tournament for details.

Convention themes
My own city with sports facilities
A “town” that fills you with excitement

Application requirements
Application period: March 10th (Sun)- August 18th (Sun), 2019
Participant requirements: A team 3~30 people consisting of men and women up to 15 years of age, coaching roles over 16 years of age, with an adult representative
Necessary environment: A terminal running Windows 10 or Mac OSX, or an iPad, with Minecraft: Education Edition installed, which is connected to the Internet, connected to the main terminal via a LAN

Programming Work Theme (World)
We will develop a world where all people who live can live a fulfilling life by living in or visiting a town with a sports facility such as a stadium, sports ground, gymnasium and facilities used in conjunction with this

Date of award ceremony: September 23th, 2019 (Sun)
Award ceremony venue: Microsoft Japan, Inc. Shinagawa head office (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Organized by:
General Incorporated Association ICT CONNECT 21
Non-profit corporation Universal Shizushi Center
Japan Microsoft Corporation

Chairman of the Executive Committee: Prof. Hiroshi Suzuki, Professor of the University of Tokyo, Professor of Keio University

Minecraft Cup 2019 National Convention Official Site:

Minecraftカップ2019 全国大会

■ About Kazu:

Fukui-prefecture born video creator.

From gadget reviews to DIY and home improvement, travel, and cooking, everything he does is lively and animated, and with a gentle smile and bright characters, and a peaceful Fukui-ben, he is known all over Japan. With a name as a real game creator, the Minecraft live series “Kazukura” has been seen over 700 million times in total.

Kazu Channel / Kazu Channel, Number of subscribers: 1.67 million or more (as of April 2019)

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Established: June 2013
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As well as being one of the largest MCN (multi-channel network) in Japan, it is a content company that provides people with a “new experience” with an idea of kodomogokoro. With a focus on management and support for more than 7,500 YouTube channels, we have expanded into a wide range of influencer marketing, goods and events businesses, media businesses and more.

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