Our creator management staff are called "buddies"
- and that's for a reason.

We support and represent more than 3,500 YouTubers from all categories, including Japan's No.1 YouTuber HIKAKIN. Yuka Kinoshita, the most popular female YouTuber in Japan, Hajime and Fischer's.

With over 30% of the Japanese Top 100 and 6 among the top 10, UUUM is leading the way and our growing creator network is the perfect space for YouTube stars to grow their channel and reach a bigger audience.

Our in-house developed creator portal provides all the basic tools such as daily news, music or graphic assets and tutorials, and we host regular events, workshops and collaborations to grow and support the YouTube community in Japan.


We don't handle campaigns, we "create" them
New Videos
Brand Partners
in Japan

More than 2.3 billion monthly views on YouTube and over 500 brand partners make us the No.1 influencer network in Japan.

Our sales team doesn't just find you the perfect creator for your campaign, but they will come up with a full promotion plan, support both brand and creator until the release of the video and provide feedback based on your needs after that.

Tell us about your product, and let us tell you what we can do for you!


Your bridge between Japan and the world

The Japanese market is a special one, and the language is only one of the reasons why.

As the pioneers of our field in Japan, we have the know-how, connections and experience to connect your network, clients or creators to this fascinating and huge market full of potential.

Our global alliance team would love to talk to you - and if you happen to come to Tokyo, they might even show you some spots you won't find in any travel guide.


It's all about the content

UUUM manages and produces content for a variety of channels, some of them in collaboration with major publishers and game companies in Japan, others are completely owned and operated by us.

Our creative and media production units also work on original web series and other short form content, music, original merchandise and event design.

Please teake the time to check out some of the amazing original content produced by UUUM.


Exploring new levels of fun

Starting with the U-FES, Japan's largest YouTube creator live event attended by more than 15,000 fans, we are producing all kinds of content like music, events, fan club services or gaming apps. Our app portfolio includes hit titles such as “Ao-Oni 2”, original IP titles based on popular YouTubers or collaborations with indie game developers in Japan.

Most of our entertainment content is mainly in Japanese, but some of our big projects are also available in English.

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